Street Sweeper

2017 Street Sweeper Schedule

The Street Sweeper will not sweep any streets that are in poor shape so they do not deteriorate any further.

  • April 18th, 2017   Tuesday
  • May 26th, 2017    Friday (Memorial Day Parade)
  • June 20th, 2017   Tuesday
  • July 26th, 2017    Wednesday (Riverfest)
  • August 16th, 2017   Wednesday
  • September 19th, 2017    Tuesday
  • October 24th, 2017     Tuesday
  • November 6th, 2017     Monday (Weather Permitting)

On the dates listed, no parking is permitted between 5am and 9am on the following streets.
2nd Avenue from Lower Mill to Center Avenue.  3rd Avenue from Center Avenue to Market Street.

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