121 North 2nd Avenue, Elizabeth, PA 15037 • (412) 384-7771


Public Works Department

Dwayne Lewis
Public Works Full-Time Street Department Head Person
Phone: 412-384-7771
email:  boroughofelizabeth@comcast.net

The Elizabeth Borough Public Works Department is responsible for care and maintenance of all borough roads, property, parks and buildings.

Robin Schmidt, Tax Collector P.O. Box 37 Elizabeth, PA 15037 Phone: 412-510-9655.

A secure payment box is located inside of the Elizabeth Borough Municipal building at 121 N. 2nd Avenue Elizabeth, PA 15037. Tax Collector’s office hours are Wednesday 5:00-pm to 7:00-pm at the Elizabeth Borough Building. Borough taxes 8 mills – discount due June 30th. School taxes discount due August 31st – .0247899 millage. Borough Real Estate – 8 millage Tax statements are mailed in early April. Discount period ends June 30. Face period ends August 30. Penalty period (10%) begins September 1. School District Tax statements are mailed July 1. Discount period ends August 31. Face period ends October 31 . Penalty period(10%) begins November 1.  Allegheny County Millage – 4.72.  Per Capita Per Capita Tax of $5 is applicable to each person living in the Borough over the age of 21 years and is paid to Robin Schmidt, Tax Collector. Exempt status may be granted if certain criteria are met. Mrs. Schmidt can be contacted for further information. Phone 412.510-9655 **Criteria for “living” in the Borough: registered voter and/or IRS sends tax form/refund to an Elizabeth Borough address. Earned Income Tax The Borough of Elizabeth requires its residents to make quarterly earned income tax payments so that business may be carried out throughout the year. You will receive the necessary documents for each quarterly payment of 1/2% of your total earnings. If you have any questions, please contact:  Keystone Collections, 546 Wendel Road, Irwin, PA 15642. Phone 724-978-0300.  Fire Tax – Effective 2018, the Borough of Elizabeth approved a Fire Tax in the amount of 0.5 mills to help support the Elizabeth Borough Volunteer Fire Company.  This tax will appear as a separate line item on your real estate tax statement.  When paying the Fire Tax, you may combine the Fire Tax amount with the Real Estate Tax amount and issue one check for both.

Tax certifications are available from the Tax Collector for a fee of $40 payable to Robin Schmidt.

Borough Secretary

Phone 412-384-7771
Fax 412-384-9812
email: boroughofelizabeth@comcast.net

Office hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 2:30pm
Meeting days – 4th Tuesday of each month

Wayne Lewis

Public Works Department

Contact Wayne at the Borough office because there is no telephone in the Public Works garage.

Borough of Elizabeth Chief of Police, William Sombo.

Police Department non-emergency number is (412) 384-4041

Parking meter info:

Meters enforced from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Fines: $5 for expired meters, $25 for parking where prohibited, at a yellow line, parking against traffic, too far from curb, within 20ft of intersection; $100 for parking in handicap space

$8 monthly parking permit for residents
$16 monthly for businesses

Contact info for police, fire, EMS; police – 412-384-4041; fire & ambulance 911

Jacob’s Park, 6th Avenue
There is no charge to use the pavilion at Jacob’s Park.

Wylie Field, Chicago Avenue
The ball fields at Wylie Park are available to local teams – through the school district.

Riverfront Park, Water Street
The barge at Riverfront Park is available for fishing year round.

Lion Park, McKeesport Road

Boat Launch, Access off of Second Avenue extension.

All parks are open dawn to dusk.

Elizabeth Borough Volunteer Fire Department
Station 139
Fire Chief: Chad Rager

Phone numbers
Emergency 9-1-1
General information 412-384-3473


The Building Inspector is Mark Reis.  Calls to the Building Inspector must be made through the Borough Secretary.

Owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow 48 hours after snow fall; dogs must be licensed and on a leash when walking; garbage not to be placed outside until the night before pickup and must be in proper containers.

Landlords are required by ordinance to submit a list to the Borough of their renters. Inspections are required when new tenants move in.

Zoning Hearing Board
The Zoning Hearing Board meets as needed.

Please click on the link below to view Elizabeth Borough’s Zoning Ordinance.


Residential Occupancy Permits are $65.

Commercial Occupancy Permits are $100 per unit.

These forms are available on this web site under Forms and Permits, as well as at the Borough office.

Building permits fees are based on the work to be performed.  The Building Inspector is Mark Reis.

Building permit applications are available on this web site under Forms and Permits, as well as at the Borough office.

For the purposes of the occupancy permit, a “residential” permit is for Single Family Dwellings, a former Single Family Dwelling that has been divided into two apartments, or a townhouse with no more than 3 stories.  Anything else is considered to be “commercial.”